Current Projects

Currently, the main projects I am actively working on:

Pocket Towne

So we've been working really hard at getting Pocket Towne into a playable state, and throughout all the ups and downs the last year or so, we're almost there. But occaisionally I make videos about topics that I encounter during the development of all the side-bits that are associated with Pocket Towne itself.

For example, creating a Faucet so that we could have a way for people to purchase Pocket Change (PTC). I had to write this from scratch because none of the code that I saw worked the way I wanted. In the end, I created a video on how to set it up from scratch on my youtube channel.

I am responsible for handling the backend portion of the development cycle, so making sure that the accounts page is working, and that you can use that account to actually sign into the game. It also meant that I had to work out a way to integrate asset lists for a persons account, with discord for Roles in the discord. This allows us to update roles, but also allows us to obtain a persons assets for their account. That way you can always have an updated asset list on your character/account in-game.

Currently I believe we're at a point where we are starting to add in the assets for the models, all the clothing is pretty much done, just the fine tuning with animations for both male and female models. After that, we can start making it so you can run around and hopefully have some events... But in the end, we want to at least have a client and server setup so that we can do actual testing before Alpha launch. Not just running and connecting inside of the Unreal Engine editor. Do a full blown install of the client and all that jazz. That'll be a huge milestone.

Auditory Disruption

I got tired of using playlist software to generate playlists, and synchronize my music to whatever my phone currently was. So a few years ago I had made a server software (akin to AudioGalaxy) so I could have all my music on my phone.

I have been fiddling around with it off and on to get things to work properly as far as database management, and a system for a playlist that auto-generates based on a type of music you selected.

Originally I had planned to make an iOS App for it, but I didn't like iOS so I am working on an android app first.

App Status as of July 2020


SotAssist was a project I helped develop with Applerust, who I met many years ago while playing Ultima Online. Years later when he contacted me out of the blue to see if I had heard of Shroud of the Avatar I said, "I think I heard about it, but never tried it out."

I gave it a shot, enjoyed myself for a few months, and then we stumbled across the developers API system. Me being a programmer was intrigued as to what data was included, and about 2-3 months of development ensued.

The first version was very very primitive as we poked around at what kind of limitations we were up against, and brainstormed on ways to glean information out and make something that people could use that was not web-based.

We spent approximately 1 Year in development before releasing an actual public version. We offered it for sale via our online store, but we were also originally taking in-game gold as a way for people to pay for it.

While the demand for the usage of the software has dwindled to practically nothing due to the lack of players, we still run the servers that include all kinds of data-tools to spy on markets, players and even a DPS meter with in-game overlay.


RedBattler is a site that allows to resolve disputes between two redditors digitally. You enter both names at the top, and the reddit api returns both users karma (link karma and comment karma). Then it uses those two values to generate attack power and hit points for each.

When the data is returned, it simulates rounds of battle, deciding who goes first by rolling a 1D6. A Critical hit roll with a 1D20 is performed to give the opportunity to have a critical hit. Each round is stored and the results are returned back to the client.

The client then replays the entire match, displaying the log of the rounds and adjusting the players hitpoints according to how much damage was dealt.

Along with entering the two redditors names manually, you can simplify it by modifying the URL to include p1 and p2 parameters.


This allows you to create links to automatically fill out the details, so all you have to do is click 'Fight' at the top and the rounds continue like normal.

The following is a video of the first stage of functionality and how the site actually functions.


A friend got a text message and posted it on social media. So I thought back to a number of years ago where Engineer Man ( YouTube ) made a punishment python script for said individuals that he was a target of (unsuccessfully).

After evaluation of the code from his repo ( Project 033 ), I decided to modify it and make some improvements to punish this new kid on the block who thinks that it's fine to steal peoples credit card information for Netflix.

It features an endless loop with the ability to Ctrl+C out of it which reports how many successful attempts were made, as well as if the service gets shut down it will report the same details and also exit the program notifying you.

If you are interested in the code, you can try it yourself: GitHub Repo

NPCSpawnTool for NexusForever

Many years ago, I once was on the Wildstar Alpha test team working on the UI and LUA development for launch. Now that the game is gone there is an open source project underway to re-write an entire server system for Wildstar private servers. Nexus Forever.

I forked the project, started writing a bit of code to help with spawning NPCs. They have all the world NPCs out there, but there isn't anything in dungeons, and I wanted to see if I could write some code and an app that would make this a little easier to spawn creatures.

The first thing was modifying the server code to allow for a custom command, which was an '!entity' command. But the hardest part was ripping the NPC database from what they have generated, and outputting it to a JSON file for use.

What you would be left with, is an always-on-top window that you could select an NPC or filter by a string, and copy the command you paste in game. This would allow a world builder the ability to spawn any creature in any area, and hopefully the servers spawning/respawn system would handle it, so it would be able to respawn (or not in the dungeon case).

While the code was never added to the main code, I since deleted my fork. However, I still have the C# code for the program which you may download here: GitHub Repo

Other Projects...

Currently, the main projects I am actively working on:

Working on learning a bit more NodeJS so I have been fiddling around with Discord.JS to see how it all works. SotAssist had a C# Discord Bot, but I wanted to try my hand at something else.

Researching potential projects like ERGO Nodes, Cardano Nodes and other things of that nature. Currently operating a Cardano Node with Applerust DEEP